Petty Meme Team Success


  • 500 Views on Imgur. (finished with 1030)
  • 300 Impressions on Twitter (finished with 599 impressions)
  • 10 retweets (2 retweets)
  • 2 shares on Facebook  (0)

Twitter Web Card

  • Twitter Ad Spending

  • Campaign Analysis

The twitter sponsored ads worked wonders. Since I believed my target audience to be similar to myself, I chose similar interests. Music (hip-hop, rap, pop), sports, and comedy. I tried to incorporate several hashtags in each post, and to encourage retweeting. I included hashtags like #Meme #Comedy #Lol and #Petty. I spent 71 cents a day over the stretch of 4/5/2017 to 4/10/17. the total spend was $5.


  • Engagement

The total number of views received on imager was 1030. the total number of impressions on twitter was 599. I interestingly made a second post later to Imgur from an account and shared it with the community, and it quickly racked up 358 views.


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